About us

Karma Eleven is a Canadian jewelry + lifestyle brand that offers genuine stone jewelry, crystals and meditation tools that are proudly designed and handmade in Canada.

Karma Eleven was founded in 2017 in Halifax, Nova Scotia by Jennifer Blodgett shortly after returning from Rishikesh, India. She spent five months in India engaged in jewelry making and became actively involved in animal rescue at the same time – often spending 12 hours a day juggling the two. Karma Eleven was a merging of these two passions and became a way to continue to support animals in India. We are now based in Vancouver, British Columbia where our jewelry is designed, assembled, handmade and shipped to our lovely retail stores. Our cozy studio is right in the heart of downtown Vancouver and our studio team consists of four highly creative, artistic and magical women!

We are committed to creating genuine stone jewelry that weaves a little beauty, fun, magic and inspiration into people’s days and makes the perfect gift or holiday memory! Our highly creative team works to offer a wide selection of different styles, sizes and seasonal pieces to meet many different ages and budgets with designs that are distinctively trendy yet timeless and unique. 

What we are all about!

01 Handmade in Canada

Our bracelets are designed and handmade in Vancouver, BC by a team of highly creative and passionate women! We are passionate about working with local businesses. We offer an ethical alternative to buying from companies that may manufacture in unsafe or unhealthy surroundings, and sweat shops. We are creating local jobs.

02 Genuine Stones

We offer genuine stone jewelry made into timeless designs. Our products are made from natural materials only and we ensure a long-lasting high vibe product. We never use synthetic, glass or lab created stones.

03 Sustainability

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and strive to operate in a way that adds immense value to our retail partners, the planet, our social initiatives and the end consumer. All shipping materials are 100% plastic free!

04 Giving back

Our primary goal is to offer a product that inspires and delights our customers, while also moving towards more ethical business practices. As part of our commitment, we collaborate with small businesses and contribute to humanitarian endeavors by donating 11% of our net profits back to the world.

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