Our stones

 Karma Eleven offers a wide array of crystals and other sacred tools and gemstone jewelry to enhance your spiritual practice. Our healing crystals serve as a tools for self connection, an intentional lifestyle, also to stay connected to the beauty of this earth.

Are your stones truly genuine?

Yes, absolutely! Our tumbled stones, gemstones and crystals are 100% genuine stones, we work very closely with suppliers who share our values to deliver authentic stones. We steer clear of imitation, synthetics or lab created stones, just from Mother Earth!

Where do you source your stones?

Although our stones are sourced all over the world they travel to major cities throughout Asia and India to be tumbled, smoothed, drilled and prepared for market. Our trusted suppliers find top quality materials and we customize the size and shapes of many of our items. We have been working with some of our suppliers for over four years and continue to work with small businesses Jennifer (the owner) met during her initial trip to India that started Karma Eleven. 

An avid traveller and passionate connector, the owner Jennifer, plans to return to hand selecting crystals from our trusted suppliers when international travel can resume. Travelling to buy in person services a few functions, #1 ensuring we can hand select the most beautiful crystals #2 foster a deep meaningful relationships with our supplies and #3 monitor the practices and conditions of the factories and suppliers 

We currently prioritize authenticity, integrity and close communications to the companies we purchase from. We look forward to resuming travel to deepen these connections in the near future. 

Are your crystals certified ethical and crystal fair trade?

Unfortunately, at this current time, a mine to market traceability for gemstones does not exist. Unlike with diamonds, which has the Kimberley Process Certification System there are no standardized regulations on what constitutes an ethically-sourced gemstone. 

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